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Unity Networking Tutorial - Part 1

Hello everyone! This is my first post in my blog for Emerging Mobile. This blog will
include tutorials and other articles based primarily on technology. This post will be the first
tutorial in what will hopefully be a series of tutorials on programming in Unity, and probably other
things, too.

This tutorial will cover creating a server and client and have them connect using Unity’s
built-in networking. I will be using C# for scripting and assume you have some familiarity with
the Unity Editor. So, let’s jump right in.

Sniper Shooter - Zombie Vision

Sniper Shooter - Zombie Vision is the ultimate mobile sniper game with the free movement of a first person shooter. Your job is to protect the area by sniping zombies before they enter the areas the survivors are taking cover. Challenge yourself to see how many kills and head shots you can obtain, or how far of a shot you can pull off.

Using a Drupal Site's Apache Solr Search Server in an Android App

Apache Solr View

If you are looking to turn your Drupal site into an Android application, it is important that you capitalize on some of the technologies that make your site so great. One of the technologies that makes Drupal so great is Apache Solr Search integration. There are several ways one could go about implementing their apach solr server into their android application, but here I will cover one way using views.

Creating Drupal Service Methods for Android

This tutorial will cover how to create extra drupal services methods to be used in android applications. If you are new to the idea of pulling content from your drupal site for use in an android app, i recommend you take a look at the DrupalCloud library. It can be found here INsReady/DrupalCloud. This will help you get up and running fairly quick. This library will give you some of the basic service calls such as logging in and out to get you started, but I will show you how to add some of your own.

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